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Indianapolis Colts Will Release Peyton Manning

Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Indianapolis Colts will release Peyton Manning. Everyone has known this was coming for a long time now. I am just glad it has finally been done so that we can stop all of the speculation.

I am also glad that Peyton will not longer be tormenting me year in and year out. I have had to watch that dude break my heart for more years now than I even care to count. Maybe my hatred for him will finally start to go away.

If Peyton can throw the ball even 85% of what he did before, there is no doubt he is going to be a hot commodity on the open market. You can bet that teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins will all have some interest in Peyton. It will just be interesting to see what type of deal he gets with so much uncertainty floating around his health.

For now, we just know that he will not be tormenting the Titans twice a year anymore. It is a good day.