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2012 NFL Free Agency: Franchise Tags All Around

Today was a busy day in the NFL as it was the last day that a team could place the franchise tag on a player. We already talked about the Titans franchising Michael Griffin, and the Colts tagging Robert Mathis, but that was just the beginning. You also had Cliff Avril tagged in Detroit, Wes Welker in New England and Dwayne Bowe in Kansas City. It seems like half of my free agent wishlist for the Titans was tagged today.

There were also five kickers and a punter tagged, for some reason, around the league.

It was also a big day for long-term deals. The Texans broke the bank for Arian Foster, and Stevie Johnson got a deal with the Buffalo Bills.

The overall free agency pool took a big hit today, but I doubt much happened in the Titans' war room. They were not going to be in on any of the #1 guys anyway.

Now we sit around and wait for the official kickoff of free agency on March 13th.