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Wyatt: Tennessee Titans To Place Franchise Tag on Michael Griffin

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Jim Wyatt is reporting on Twitter this morning that the Titans will use the franchise tag on Michael Griffin. This has been reported as an option, but it didn't necessarily seem like a good one considering they will have to pay him top 5 safety money when his play on the field has been nowhere near the top 5 safeties in the league about 90% of the time. Wyatt says it will cost the Titans about $6.2 million.

They probably came to this decision after seeing their other options at the safety position. I am not a Griffin fan, but I would much rather have him back there than Reggie Nelson, who Wyatt had said the Titans would pursue in free agency.

Now their attention will turn to bringing back Jordan Babineaux as soon as free agency opens. There is always the chance they could remove the franchise tag from Griffin before he signs it if they see a better option.

This move also makes it about all but certain, if it wasn't already, that Cortland Finnegan will be playing somewhere else in 2012.

Let us know your thoughts on Griffin being tagged.

(h/t to NYTITAN21 and Dynamic Dreadlocks for posting this earlier)