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New Orleans Saints Place Exclusive Rights Franchise Tag on Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints have announced today that they are placing the exclusive rights franchise tag on quarterback Drew Brees. Apparently the two sides were nowhere close on a long-term deal. Tagging him was the only way to make sure that he did not hit the open market.

While the fact that Brees will not be on the market is not relevant to the Titans, this does mean that Carl Nicks and Marques Colston will hit the open market. While I doubt that the Titans will be in on either of those guys, it sure would be nice to see them make a run at Nicks. He is one of the best guards in the game today and would be an enormous upgrade over what the Titans have right now.

Colston does not fit the speed threat that the Titans need, but adding him would enable the Titans to move Nate Washingon inside to play in the slot.