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2012 NFL Draft: Alshon Jeffery to Visit the Titans

We have spent a lot of time talking about Alshon Jeffery here, and now Jim Wyatt is reporting that he will be in town to visit with the Tennessee Titans tomorrow. While I don't think that there is any shot the Titans would take him with the 20th pick, they might be inclined to move up and get him if he is still hanging around in the early second round.

Opinions on Jeffery are all over the board, but he put to rest concerns about his initial speed and weight with his performance yesterday at his Pro Day. That does not mean that he won't get lazy after he is picked. It does mean that he is at least committed, right now, to getting in the best shape he possibly can.

Say what you want about the guys on this roster, but outside of Kenny Britt, the Titans do not have a receiver that has the raw ability that Jeffery has.