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NFL Trade Rumors: Titans Could Trade for Asante Samuel in Next Few Days

This is going to be interesting. Earlier today Terry McCormick reported that the Tennessee Titans had some interest in trading for Asante Samuel of the Philadelphia Eagles. Jim Wyatt was later said there was nothing to the report. Paul Kuharsky said on the radio that it wasn't even worth talking about.

Now a reporter in Philadelphia, CSN's Derrick Gunn, has been told that Samuel to the Titans could happen in the next few days. PFT says that the pick would be a conditional third rounder based on his play in 2012.

As of this writing, our poll from the initial report has 83% of you approving of the Titans trading a three for him. Obviously the cap number for the next two years is high, but there is a good chance the Titans would re-do that deal before agreeing to a trade. Odds are they would structure it a lot like the deal that they gave Kamerion Wimbley with the bulk of the guaranteed money coming in the next two years.