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The Offseason

Movie premiere of "Act of valor"
Movie premiere of "Act of valor"

Hey everyone,

I know I have not been on in forever! I hope everyone is well and been enjoying the football off season a.k.a basketball (college hoops, the NBA, Tiger woods, etc....).

I have been enjoying this off season myself. I have taken trips to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to see the wedding of my childhood friend Krystina Jackson and Gerald Alexander. I also visited Orlando, Florida for the Pro Athletes Outreach that Matt Hasselbeck and Krystina both told me was a great retreat. It was a great experience hearing from these different chaplains and church leaders! The fiance and I learned a lot and will be going every year. We even got Re-Baptized in our union through Christ. Awesome stuff...

I have also been picking up on my golf game which I started on January 17th. It is a very difficult sport, but I actually enjoy playing. I am awful right now but I will keep practicing. If anyone knows of some good places in Nashville to golf, you can let me know!!!! Also, I attended my first movie premiere as a "Celebrity" with my fiance. It was such a cool event. We got very spoiled with free popcorn and drinks, a walk on the red carpet, and interviews after the movie. The reception after was crazy. Other notables present was Ving Rhames, Michael Jai White, Arnold Sch., Tim Tebow, and others.

Other than that I have been just working out close to UCLA and around getting ready for the OTAs and offseason program in Tennessee! I am so excited for my third year and I am ready to contribute in any way the team sees for me this year. We have potential to be a great team and I will do my best to contribute in special teams, corner, nickel, reserve role.

We have been dealing with a lot of moves and actions in free agency. I will not comment on the actual transactions that have taken place, but I will see I am 100% confident with our QB situation and look forward to them leading us to the playoffs this year!

But now I want to get to the main point of this whole point of this article was to ask people for the opinion about a logo I will be using for now on for my camp and my website that I am currently working on. I have three choices that all play off of ATV and the cross! Please vote in the poll section! Thanks

Appreciate everyone for their time and continue to support the team in the future! Much love always.


Alterraun Verner #20