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PFF's Early Fantasy Projections and Jake Locker

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Last Thursday, Pro Football Focus released their Early Look at 2012 Player Projections, and I was just kind of browsing through it. I scrolled down to the 29th best overall player and there was our golden boy, Jake Locker. I did not expect him to be ranked so highly coming off a limited role rookie season. PFF has some nice projections for him as well: 4049 yards, 26 TD's, and 15 INT's.

I think Jake is more than capable of passing for 4000 yards, but the question as to whether he will win the outright starting job still remains. I get the sense that we all want him to start the season, but my guess is Hasselbeck will earn that job.

Among the other projections, they had CJ ranked as 28th best overall breaking 1100 yards with 8 TD's. They also have Kenny Britt rebounding from the ACL injury nicely with a 1176 yard receiving season and hauling in 8 TD's. Nate Washington, Jared Cook, and Damian Williams all appear on this list at 132, 137, and 203 overall, respectively.

There is no doubt that this offense can be explosive with Locker starting, and there is also the strong possibility that both Kenny Britt and Nate Washington could surpass 1000 yards receiving. LWSS.