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Russ Lande 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Titans and Janoris Jenkins

Russ Lande has had some interesting picks for the Tennessee Titans in his mock drafts. The first one I looked at of his this season had the Titans taking Juron Criner. That was a little bit ridiculous, but Lande is a very outside of the box thinker. He sticks to his opinions no matter what the conventional wisdom might say. I respect that.

That being said, he mailed in the description of the Titans pick this time when he had them taking Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama:

Tennessee has long shown a willingness to gamble on players with off-field concerns. After losing Cortland Finnegan, it must draft a replacement.

Jeff Fisher was the one that didn't have a problem taking guys with off the field concerns. This new regime has shown no willingness to do that at all.

It is not impossible that the Titans would take Jenkins with this pick, but the way this group has drafted would suggest that they will pass on him for a guy who was productive and a good leader on his college team.