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Wes Bunting 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Titans and Devon Still

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Wes Bunting has put out a new mock draft this morning, and he has the Titans taking Devon Still, DT, Penn State. While it is not out of the realm of possibilities that Still could be the pick here, I would really rather see them go with Mark Barron, Janoris Jenkins or even Stephon Gilmore if the draft goes this way. Here is what Bunting had to say about the pick:

He’s not the most dynamic of pass rushers. However, he’s a big, long kid with a good get off, long arms and knows how to play the run. He’s a potential anchor inside who can push the pocket and eventually win on three downs.

Drafting Still would probably make Shaun Smith expendable. They haven't said anything publicly about Smith, but there were grumblings that he had word out his welcome in the locker room last year.

Also interesting in that mock is that Bunting has the Dolphins trading up with the Browns. He then has the Dolphins taking Matt Kalil at four and the Browns taking Ryan Tannehill at number eight.