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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Titans and Melvin Ingram

Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft has put out a new mock draft, and he has the Titans taking Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina. It has been a couple of months since I have seen a mock that had Ingram falling to the 20th spot. I would think the Titans would be extremely pumped if it played out that well.

Here is what Kadar had to say about the pick:

After missing out on Peyton Manning, the Titans are scrambling to use their cap space. They are reportedly adding added Kamerion Wimbley, but with Derrick Morgan being an unknown, another pass rusher could be looked at in round one. Don't forget, only one team had fewer sacks last season than the Titans. Despite the Titans stating they want a pure pass rusher, having another versatile lineman like Ingram gives them more options up front.

There is no doubt Ingram would be the pick here if it plays out this way. They will be looking for the best defensive player available, and Ingram is definitely that in this scenario.