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Peyton Manning Agrees to Terms with the Denver Broncos

Chris Mortensen has tweeted that Peyton Manning will be signing with the Denver Broncos. That means it is all but official. I went over this a little bit last week with the overreaction to the Broncos' plane heading to North Carolina, but my hatred for Peyton now reaches previously unknown heights. There was really no reason for him to string the Tennessee fanbase along for a week when it was pretty much already decided that he was going to the Broncos.

I guess the report last week that he had pretty much already decided to go there before Bud Adams made an offer that "changed everything." It sure seems now like the only reason Peyton even talked to the team was because Bud offered him a share of ownership after his playing career was over.

The thing that really doesn't make sense is that he chose the worst football situation of the three. The 49ers were clearly the best, but the Titans are so much better than the Broncos are on offense. It doesn't make any sense that he would want to go play with those guys.