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Obsessive Peyton Manning Watch: What to Look for Monday

So the rumor came out yesterday that Peyton Manning had told people he planned to pick a team on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Then another report came out that there was no timetable for him on picking a team. I am putting a poll at the end of this post with decision date being Tuesday. I will take the over.

What that means for us this week is that we are stuck refreshing Twitter every 45 seconds for at least a few more days. Some people seem to believe that it is now down to the Titans and 49ers. Clay Travis even tweeted earlier today that his source said Tennessee had "weathered the 49er storm" and were still in the lead.

The bottom line is no one knows anything. Peyton keeps such a tight inner circle that no one will know until Tom Condon gives Chris Mortensen a heads up.

So all of the people you see on Twitter or hear on the radio speculating, keep in mind that it just that- speculation. The only thing that we might know before Mortensen announces his decision is if a team is eliminated.

Sleep well tonight because it is going to be another long week.