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2012 NFL Free Agency: Steve Hutchinson Approval Poll

Lost in all of the mayhem that has been the Peyton Manning watch has been the signing of Steve Hutchinson. We spent the better part of last year griping about the interior offensive line, and I was a little afraid that we would be stuck with that same unit in 2012. At this point we still don't know how different the line will look, but we know that Hutchinson will be in there at guard instead of Jake Scott. That is an upgrade.

My goal this year was to put an approval poll up for every guy we signed the day it was announced. That obviously didn't happen because of all the Peyton stuff, but at this point I am only one player behind.

Some people get mad at me when I write something to influence the polls, but if you vote disapprove here you are crazy. Please leave a comment on why you don't approve if that is the case.