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2012 Free Agency: Mario Manningham Signs with the San Francisco 49ers

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So the San Francisco 49ers are doing everything they can to make their team the most desirable to Peyton Manning. It was announced last night that they have agreed to terms with free agent wide receiver Mario Manningham. At this point, it is impossible to argue that the Titans have a better football situation for Peyton than the 49ers.

I still believe that a lot more will go into Peyton's decision on where to play than just the team that is going to be on the field. There is no doubt that he and his family would be more comfortable living in Nashville, but man it would be tough to look at an offense that features Randy Moss, Manningham, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and that defense and turn it down.

The 49ers almost made the Super Bowl with Alex Smith last year. The sky would be the limit for them with Peyton.

In Alex Smith news, he is visiting the Dolphins today. This is the first visit he has made. Part of that could be because he isn't any good, but it looks like he might be seeing the writing on the wall.