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2012 NFL Free Agency: Mark Anderson to Visit the Titans

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John Glennon tweeted tonight that free agent defensive end Mark Anderson will visit the Tennessee Titans tomorrow. At this point, the Titans have to bring in anyone that has a pulse and has ever tackled the quarterback before. Anderson would be an upgrade over, say, Dave Ball. Take that for what it is worth.

Anderson comes from a very good place, the University of Alabama. He was with the Patriots last season and had 10 sacks. That was easily his best year since his rookie season in Denver when he had 12 sacks. He only managed 13.5 sacks from 2007-2008.

An update from earlier today, the deal Jason Jones got in Seattle is $4.5 million guaranteed for 2013. I understand them letting Cortland Finnegan walk for $50 million, but not working to bring Jones back at that price seems pretty dumb to me. He hasn't done much here outside of a few games, but $4.5 million is nothing for his upside.