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Jason Jones Signs with the Seattle Seahawks

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Jason Jones has agreed to a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks according to Terry McCormick. This is one I don't really understand. I have not seen the terms of the deal yet, but there is no question that Jones has a lot of upside. He has even flashed signs of being great at times here.

Why the Titans wouldn't match a one year offer is beyond me. There is always the possibility that he did not give them that chance, but you cannot let a young pass rusher like that walk away in today's NFL.

At this point it really seems like best case for the defensive line is as good as they were. Had they re-signed Jones and gotten an end that could get after the passer, there would have been some possibility for an upgrade. Now it is hard to see how they will not be even worse than they were last year.

Come on steal in the draft.