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Peyton Manning Will Workout For the Titans in Knoxville Tomorrow

Jonathan Hutton has been all over it tonight. He has now learned that Peyton Manning's throwing session for the Titans tomorrow will take place in Knoxville. This is another really good strategic move for the Titans having him do his throwing session in a place that he really loves. In the end it probably will not make much of an impact in where he decides to sign, but it cannot hurt.

My goal for this weekend is to step away from all of this a little bit. I will be checking to see if there are any updates after the session in the morning, but after that I am going to try and unplug from everything for a little bit. Get outside and get some fresh air for my mental health.

There will be a couple of contests that are designed to take the mind off of Manning Watch 2012 because there will be plenty of that to go around on Monday.