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Talk Titans, Peyton Manning and Crippling Anxiety on MCM Radio Tonight at 10:00 CDT


Tonight, Jimmy and I will record a special edition of MCM Radio at 10:00 CDT covering the absolute insanity of this past week. We'll laugh, we'll laugh and I'll probably cry a little from sheer anxiety while the phone is on mute. This has been without a doubt the craziest week as a Titans fan I can remember, and this is a team whose QB once (allegedly) went suicidal AFTER A WIN.

We'll also try to talk about the newly re-shaped offensive line, and the key reserves guys are now signed up through 2012. Hell, we might even make an effort to dispel that childish myth that somehow pursuing Peyton cost us Mario Williams, John Abraham and a lot of unicorns.

You can join in to listen live and add to the chat room craziness by clicking on the graphic above. After we're done recording, it'll be available for download through iTunes, and streaming on the BTR site.