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Report: Broncos Fire Back, Offer Manning 5 yrs $60 million

Source: Parameters of Manning deal: $60 million; $30 million guarantee via @denverpost
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Mike Klis, the Jim Wyatt of Denver, is tweeting that the Broncos' offer to Peyton Manning will be for around 5 years at $60 million and $30 guaranteed.

That's a problem for the Tennessee Titans.

The money is no issue. Bud would probably pay $60 million over three years if that's what it took to get Manning in here. Hell, he'd probably guarantee the full deal against injury and performance if push came to shove. However, a deal that extends beyond 2-3 years puts the Titans in a bind when it comes to Jake Locker. It's been the assumption from jump by many fans that Manning would probably only play for about that long, but if he's at the point where he feels like he could play longer, you have to think he'd want more years on this deal. If we try to match that, then you're looking at picking Manning, fresh off of four neck surgeries, or the impressive young QB we just spent the 8th overall pick on last year. The Broncos aren't in that position, as they clearly have no problems with shipping Tim Tebow to the highest bidder.

This is all still just speculative, but it's a smart move by the Broncos to seize on the one weak spot in our offer. Peyton might be excited about the post-career goodies Bud is serving up, but is he excited enough to walk away from a few extra years on the field?

This also hits the one fear I have about the offers of ownership (though not official) and a front office job: how often does the relationship between a team and an aging superstar end well? What if in 3 years, his play has dropped off and Locker is looking like a stud every chance he gets, but Peyton doesn't think he's done? I don't know the answer, and if asked Bud he'd say he doubts he's around for that mess anyways.