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Report: Titans Close to Signing Scott Wells, Could Release Eugene Amano

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Bob McGinn of the Milwuakee Journal Sentinel is reporting that former Packers center, and Nashville native, Scott Wells is close to signing with the Tennessee Titans. This addition would completely change the look of the offensive line, especially when you couple it with the addition of Steve Hutchinson.

For two year's we've ranted and raged about the poor play in the middle of the o-line, and the front office has finally responded by signing two of the most prolific and well-respected veteran linemen in the league. Sure, they're long in the tooth, but they're the kind of linemen who Munch and Bruce can use to make this line the powerhouse it was for the prior decade.

Also contained in that same report is the idea that the Titans are so tired of Eugene Amano's poor play at center that they could outright release him. With Scott leaving as a FA, that would mean next season's starting O-line would be Roos, Hutchinson, Wells, Harris and Stewart.

Now that's an O-line you can win a Super Bowl with.

That would leave Mike Otto, Byron Stingily, Fernando Velasco, Kevin Mathews and (possibly) Troy Kropog for depth, along with whomever else we scavenge late in the draft. The Titans will need to beef up the depth if they're going with a unit this long in the tooth, but this move could turn one of the weakest parts of the offense into a huge strength.