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UPDATE! Obsessive Peyton Manning Watch: Mortensen Says Broncos Going to Watch a Workout

This really is something. Chris Mortensen is now reporting that the Denver Broncos brass is flying out to Duke to watch Peyton Manning workout. Mortensen is really the only guy that has had anything in all of this, so he is probably right, but the whole thing is mind boggling. Manning already threw for them in Denver. Why do they need to see it again?

Again, anything that we are saying here is pure speculation. The immediate information that we get these days is the exact reason that the internet is so awesome and so ridiculous at the same time. We jump to conclusions without really knowing any details.

Speaking of that, is there a chance that the Broncos weren't sold on Manning's ability to throw when they saw him before? Do they have a workout they are putting on that will give them a better indication of just how NFL ready his arm is?

A lot more questions that answers right now. Stay tuned.


Michael Lombardi (@michaelombardi) just tweeted the following:

Manning will throw for the Titans as well, no date has been set for that workout