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Obsessive Peyton Manning Watch: Broncos Plane Flying to Raleigh

So our ex-friends at Mile High Report have been tracking planes on Flight Aware and it appears that the Denver Broncos plane is en route to Raleigh, North Carolina as we speak. Yogi Berra once said it ain't over until it's over, but it appears that this is pretty close to being over. There is really no reason for Peyton Manning to take another visit with the Broncos if he was not going to sign with them.

This is a blog, so I am allowed to over-react in real here goes...I didn't know that it was possible for me to hate Peyton Manning more than I already did, but I do now. There was part of me that was ready to accept him as a Titan with open arms, and people don't really understand how difficult that would have been for me.

I just really don't understand what he thinks is better about the situation in Denver than here. Sure, there defense is better, but they do not have anywhere close to the skill players that the Titans have. So good luck with that, Peyton.