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Obsessive Peyton Manning Watch: What is Taking so Long?

Waiting for Peyton Manning to announce where he is going to play next season is going to make me crazy. I said earlier today that it is good that the Tennessee Titans had the last visit. While I still believe that, I also think that the longer this goes the worse it is for the Titans. If Mike Munchak really sold him on the Titans, there would already be some news about contract negotiations, right? Or maybe I am over-thinking this.

The one thing I know for sure is that the national media is really downplaying the ties that Manning has to the state of Tennessee. While I do not buy the argument that he will play here because of how much the fans want him, you cannot display his and his wife's comfort level with the state of Tennessee. That absolutely plays a role in all of this.

Mike Keith, who has known Peyton since before his days at UT, said that Peyton and Munchak would have really hit it off because they have really similar philosophies about the game of football. All of these are good signs, and I really believe that the Titans are the leaders in the clubhouse, but nothing is for sure until a contract is signed. It would be really nice if we could hear something before the end of the night.