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Video of Peyton Manning Arriving at the Titans Facility

That video was shot by the local FOX affiliate yesterday when Peyton Manning arrived at Baptist Sports Park. There was some concern that he couldn't turn his neck during his farewell press conference in Indianapolis. He is not doing neck rolls in that video, but he can turn his neck for sure.

Now we are just in for another day of waiting. Apparently Bud's plane is on the way back to Houston. That could be to pick up Chris Myers who is supposed to be here for a visit at some point today. It could be going back because that is where it stays.

I guess there is a chance it could be going back to pick Bud Adams up and bring him back here, but I do not think that Bud would come even if they do sign Peyton. He didn't come in for the farewell presser for Jeff Fisher, but I guess he might care more about this.