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Breer: Titans Put Together a Book for Peyton Manning

Albert Breer has some insight into the Tennessee Titans pitch to Peyton Manning that has wrapped up in the last few minutes. He said that in the days leading up to the meeting they put together and extensive plan, a book as Breer referred to it, detailing what the Titans offense would look like with Manning under center. From Breer's article:

The Titans have undergone a metamorphosis over the last 14 months, assuming a far more buttoned-down, professional approach with Munchak taking the seat occupied for 17 years by Jeff Fisher. The club expects that to appeal to Manning. As one club source put it, "I'd be completely shocked if Peyton and Munch don't hit it off tremendously," saying both men possess "a great attention to detail, and brute honesty. They're both very matter-of-fact football people. ... Mike is Peyton Manning. They're unbelievably similar."

That should put to ease any fears that Munch might mail in the meeting because he doesn't want Peyton.

There is no doubt the Titans have a lot going for them when it comes to landing Manning. They are in a perfect location, and Bud has said he will do whatever it takes to get Peyton here. Now the ball is in Manning's court. Here's to hoping that this is the last visit he makes.