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Peyton Manning Has Left the Tennessee Titans Facility

Peyton Manning, after spending the better part of 7 hours inside of Baptist Sports Park, has left the building. Clay Travis reported that he gave a thumbs up and a wave to the crowd before getting into a car with Mike Munchak. John Glennon reported that the team has said there will be no statement tonight, but apparently Peyton is heading back to North Carolina.

The biggest news to come out of all of this is that Burton Elrod, the Titans team doctor, spent more than an hour inside the facility. That would mean that Peyton got some type of physical from the team tonight. I have not seen it reported that he met with the doctors of any of the other teams he visited.

Unfortunately we are now in more more waiting. The good news here is that the Titans presumably got the last word. That is always the position you want to be in when recruiting. Stay tuned.