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It's a Pretty Safe Bet That Peyton Manning Just Took a Physical for the Titans

Titans' team doctor just left team hq after a stay of about 90 minutes. No sign of Manning yet as his visit ticks past 6 hours total.
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Several reporters who have set-up camp outside of Baptist Sports Park are saying that Peyton Manning wasn't on the flight back to North Carolina that left a while ago, and that he's still in the bowels of the Titans headquarters. Even more interesting: the Titans team doctor dropped by for a visit.

News like that is usually an indicator that the two sides are negotiating, and most likely making some good progress. Of course that's speculative, but it's normally the way things work in the NFL. The longer Manning is in the room with Webster, Reinfeldt, Munchak and crew, the better the chances he's holding up a two-toned blue jersey sporting no. 16 at a press conference in a few days.

So, who's more excited: you, or Kenny Britt?