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Peyton Manning Watch: Air Bud Headed Right Back to Nashville

Apparently Mike Reinfeldt and Mike Munchak will just be in North Carolina long enough to pick Peyton Manning up and bring him back to Nashville. It is now being reported that Bud Adams's plane will be on the way back to Nashville soon. Chris Mortensen is reporting that Peyton will indeed be on the return flight.

I wonder what the chances are that Peyton will throw for the Titans' coaches while he is in town. My guess is no, but you never know if he is coming back here.

Hopefully Ruston Webster is currently working on getting an interior lineman or two under contract so that they will have a little bit more to sell to Peyton while he is here. I really do think that one of the biggest factors in where he eventually signs is going to be the strength of the offensive line. While the Titans were really good at pass protection last year, they could still upgrade signing either center and Steve Hutchinson.