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Peyton Manning Watch: Bud's Plane to Fly to Atlanta

So this obsessive Peyton Manning watch can be viewed one of two ways; it is either really amusing or really annoying. Right now I am leaning to the annoying side. Our new favorite internet site, Flight Aware, has Bud Adams's plane leaving Nashville at 11 AM local time to fly to Atlanta. It has also been reported that Mike Munchak was spotted at the airport.

I guess that could mean that Munchak is flying down to meet with John Abraham, but that is really boring when we are all waiting to see if there is going to be a meeting with Peyton Manning. Chris Mortensen said this morning that the meeting is still on, but you would think that would be higher up on the list than a meeting with an old defensive end.

Who knew we would be tracking flights in and out of Nashville this year? Like I said, this is all getting really annoying.