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Carl Nicks Has Agreed to Terms with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carl Nicks is a guy that has been discussed at length here as a possible target for the Tennessee Titans. Well he is off the market now because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just gave him a whole lot of money. The Bucs have been very big players early on.

Some people will use this as another example of the Titans being cheap, but it really is not a good idea to give an interior lineman that much money.

Keep an eye on the Buccaneers over the next few years. It has been proven historically that the teams that spend a ton of money in the first couple of days of free agency don't end up being good. The situation in Tampa might be a little bit different. They had a ridiculous amount of cap room, and they structured the Vincent Jackson deal in a way that they can get it off the books after two years if it doesn't work out.