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2012 NFL Free Agency Day 1 Recap

PAID! (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
PAID! (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Mario Williams headed to Buffalo to meet with the Bills as soon as free agency opened. 16 hours later he is still up there, but he has not yet signed a contract. It was reported in Buffalo last night that the Bills were hoping to sign both Super Mario and Robert Meachem before the night was over. That didn't happen.

Speaking of Meachem, he got a nice deal with the San Diego Chargers. It is funny that people are really excited about what he can do in San Diego when he wasn't any good in New Orleans. I really wanted the Titans to take Meachem coming out of college, but you cannot describe his time with the Saints as anything other than a disappointment.

Vince Jackson, formerly of the Chargers, agreed to a Subway deal (5 years $55,555,555) with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson will make $26 million guaranteed in the first two years of the deal. The Bucs have a boatload of cap room and did a really nice job structuring that deal.

Jeremy Mincey, who had Titans written all over him, re-signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is interesting that he went ahead and signed before letting Williams set the market for defensive ends. It is not that Mincey is anywhere close to as good as Mario, but the biggest guy usually signs first.

The Bears gave up two third round picks to get Brandon Marshall, and now there are reports that he "slugged" a woman. That guy is a winner. I am still of the belief that Peyton Manning told the Dolphins there was no way he was going to come play for them with Brandon Marshall on the team.