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2012 NFL Free Agency: "Strong Possibility" Titans Land Steve Hutchinson

Terry McCormick said on Twitter tonight that there is a strong possibility the Titans land free agent guard Steve Hutchinson. From a current Titans' roster standpoint, there is no doubt that Hutchinson would be a huge upgrade over Jake Scott- even if he is in the twilight of his career. This would be a great move, and a good sign that this coaching staff is willing to admit mistakes.

From a courting Peyton Manning standpoint, and isn't that what everything is really about these days, this move would do nothing but help the chances that he wants to come here. Manning played behind some bad lines in Indianapolis, but there is no doubt that he wants to play behind a really good one coming off four neck surgeries.

The Titans line is already excellent at pass blocking. Adding Hutchison to the fold would make them that much better.

McCormick also reiterated that the Titans are looking at a couple of centers in Chris Myers and Scott Wells. A Scott and Amano free line in 2012 would make me extremely happy.