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PFT Report: Titans Interested in John Abraham, Chris Myers and Scott Wells

The stories are scattered between Twitter and their site proper, but PFT is reporting that the Titans were trying to schedule a meeting with free agent DE John Abraham, though Manning Fever may have slowed down that process. They same story says that Mario Williams was the guy we were going to make a full court press for, but Bud has shifted that focus towards Manning.

I've said repeatedly that Abraham would be a big short-term upgrade for our pass rush, but he's clearly not in the league of Mario Williams.

Also, over the course of a few tweets (story up now), PFT also claimed that the Titans are interested in meeting with former Houston Center Chris Myers, widely respected as one of the best Cs in football, and former Packers Center Scott Wells. Odly enough, it's been presumed for a while that Myers was headed to Green Bay to replace Wells.

What does that nugget tell me? Amano's days in the middle are over. He'll probably be kicked back to guard, where he's better anyways, which leaves Leroy Harris as a man without a home if the team is still interested in Steve Hutchinson. Myers is still in talks with Houston, whose salary cap picture is awesomely bleak. John McClain said recently that the Texans have under a million in cap space right now, which sounds about right since the team that so bragged on their line play cut Eric Winston and may not be able to bring back Chris Myers.

More to come as news develops.