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2012 NFL Free Agency Open Thread

In just 15 minutes, the madness that is NFL free agency will be underway. We will see a flurry of deals that are announced as soon as the league year officially begins, and yet somehow no one is ever guilty of tampering. I have never really been able to figure that one out.

Obviously we will be watching how things play out with Peyton Manning, but we will also be keeping an eye on the Mario Williams sweepstakes. There have been numerous reports today that his first visit will be to the Chicago Bears. It would be really scary for opposing quarterbacks to line up with Mario on one side and Julius Peppers on the other.

The Titans will also probably be in the mix for an offensive lineman. Steve Hutchinson was in Nashville earlier today. I would not be surprised to see him end up here. I am not sure how the recruiting pitch to Manning will go, but you better believe having Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews pitch playing here as an offensive lineman would be pretty persuasive.

Discuss the signings as they happen here. I will do my best to get a recap thread up before the end of the night.