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2012 NFL Free Agency: Tennesse Titans Re-Sign Jordan Babineaux

Terry McCormick just tweeted that the Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with safety Jordan Babineaux. The deal cannot be official until after the 3 PM start of free agency today because of the way the Titans structured Babineaux's deal last season, but this has been a foregone conclusion for some time now.

It is pretty funny that at one point there was talk that the Titans would be looking to replace three out of the four members of the 2011 secondary. Now as we are about to enter free agency the Titans will be bringing everyone back with the exception of Cortland Finnegan.

Babineaux did not set the world on fire last season, but he was a solid player. There is no doubt that bringing him back was the smart thing for the Titans to do because their is definitely not a better option out there on the market at this point.

McCormick also said earlier that the Titans are expected to announce a deal with Patrick Bailey before the free agency flood gates open.

[UPDATE]- The Titans have announced that they have re-signed Patrick Bailey.

[UPDATE #2]- Aaron Wilson said on Twitter that Babineaux's deal is for 2 years $5 million.