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MCM Radio All About Peyton Manning

As you might imagine, last night's episode of MCM Radio was all about Peyton Manning. There is really not much left to be said about that scenario that has not yet been said. Bud Adams has made it clear that he wants the team to sign Peyton. Now it will be up to Peyton to decide what he thinks is the best fit.

We also talked a little bit about what it would mean for the development of Jake Locker. I am of the belief that Locker does not start this season as the starter even if the Titans don't sign Manning. I think the plan has been all along for Matt Hasselbeck to start for two years. If that is the case, signing Manning would really only delay Locker by a year or two.

We covered all of that and more in last night's episode. You can listen to the full episode after the jump.

MCM Radio 3/12

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