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Schefter: Titans Could Make a Run at Mario Williams

According to Evan Silva via that Twitter thing, Adam Schefter mentioned on SportsCenter that the Tennessee Titans are a team that could make a run at free agent defensive end Mario Williams. I have no idea if this is just Schefter putting the fact that the Titans need a pass rusher and have a lot of cap room together, or if someone close to situation has told him anything.

We have been around and around about this, but I bet there is an interesting struggle going on right now between Baptist Sports Park and Houston. The front office has said they do not want Peyton Manning, but Bud Adams has made it clear that he does. They are probably trying at this very moment to sell them on the plan that they have going forward, but as August said in the links, it has to be tough to sell a 2-3 year plan to a man who is 90 years old.

My guess on Mario Williams is that the Titans are in the mix but ultimately get outbid.