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Schefter: Peyton Manning Will Not Take Any More Visits

It is being reported this morning by Adam Schefter that Peyton Manning will not be making any more visits with teams. Over the weekend his tour made two stops. One was in Denver and the other was in Arizona. I expect the Broncos to make a huge push for him because John Fox and John Elway do not want Tim Tebow as their quarterback. The only way for them to be able to remove him without having the fans revolt is to sign a guy like Manning.

It was reported over the weekend that the Chiefs and Seahawks are out of the race. There has been no mention of the Titans from any of the national guys, but that does not mean they cannot enter the race.

Apparently Bud Adams was the one that initiated that call with Jim Wyatt. Obviously Bud wants to see a Super Bowl in his lifetime, and he thinks that Peyton gives him the best shot at doing that. It is hard to blame him for thinking that way.