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Titans Owner Bud Adams Wants Peyton Manning

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Bud Adams has told Jim Wyatt that he wants the Tennessee Titans to sign Peyton Manning. If I had the chance to talk to Bud about this, I would remind him what happened the last time that he demanded the franchise take a quarterback. That did not work out so well.

Here is part of what Adams said to Wyatt:

"He is the man I want. Period," Adams said. "And the people that work for me understand that. They know who I want. I want Mr. Manning with the Titans and I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen."

Bud stays out of most of the football operations these days, but we saw with Vince Young that he can still dictate a draft pick or playing time when he sees the need to do so.

Hopefully Peyton has already made up his mind that the Titans are not a good fit for him. This franchise would be much better off sticking with the current plan and signing Mario Williams than blowing all of that up and signing Peyton.

You can say what you want about Wyatt, but the man has Bud's cell phone number and he is not afraid to use it when necessary. He is always the only one that gets anything from Bud.