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2012 NFL Free Agency: More on Mario Williams

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders and wrote an article (In$ider) yesterday identifying the best fits for some potential free agents. He pointed out that there are very few teams in the NFL that could not use Mario Williams, but the Titans are one team that could actually make it happen. As Schatz points out, the Titans have the cap room and run a 4-3. While Williams can play in either scheme, he is more effective as a 4-3 end.

I know I am setting myself up for disappointment here, but this does really seem like the perfect storm for the Titans to finally make a splash in the first day of free agency. I know they don't want to "overpay," but I am not sure that they could in this scenario. Super Mario really is that last piece to put the defense over the top.

Jonathan Hutton of Titans Radio said yesterday on his radio show that he gets the feeling Ruston Webster is more aggressive than Mike Reinfeldt, and Webster did say at the combine that a pass rusher is the one position worth overpaying to get. So you're saying there's a chance....