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2012 NFL Draft: Redskins Sell The Farm For Chance To Pick RGIII.

Well Titans fans, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Just about all of us has preached to the choir around here at some point about the importance of a franchise quarterback. By all accounts, it trumps every other position in significance by a long shot. Clearly, Washington has the same kind of thought process. I mean, wow, can you say "all in"? This is an insane amount of picks, even for the chance to take a player of Griffin III's caliber.

So what say you, MCM, is this a fair trade, does it favor the Skins, who have a chance to acquire one of the highest ceiling players in draft history, or does it favor the Rams, now stuffed to the gills with high-round draft picks with which to surround their young quarterback?

Supporters of the fair trade will argue that all the Redskins need to do now is pay a little more attention to their later round picks. Focus in on their fourth and fifth round selections as if they were second and third, and treat their actual third as a first. After giving up all of these draft picks, it's not acceptable to whiff in later rounds. My first thought instantly goes to the interior of the line. I've said time and time again that there seems to be evidence suggesting that offensive guard and center are two positions where quality can be had in abundance during later rounds. Well, for Washington, it's time to beef up that O-line, this is an investment worth protecting and they should have a good opportunity to pick up some solid players to guard him from the Ndamukong Suh's of the world. Sure, they won't have the chance to take a player to protect his blind side, but luckily for Washington, they drafted Trent Williams fourth overall not two years ago. Sure, Williams was suspended, but the Silverback as he's known in some circles has a lot of potential and should be good to go by week five.

Washington has also lacked a mainstay at starting quarterback for years now. It's been a very long time since they've had a truly great passer. RGIII offers the potential to be that and much, much more. As for the Rams, they have a solid core of talent at key positions (Bradford at QB, Lloyd at receiver, several young project players with high upside along the offensive line, Chris Long at end, Laurenitis in the middle of the defense, etc.) but now it's time to start filling out the roster. With three additional first rounders and one second rounder, they should be able to do just that.

I think the only way that this trade really favors Washington is if Griffin becomes all we think he's going to be. The chances of that happening seem high right now, but the NFL is a fickle mistress, you really never know. At a glance, I'd say that this gives the Rams' front office a much easier job. Rebuilding isn't ever easy, but this is definitely one way to make it a whole lot easier. They really didn't move back too far in the draft, from number two overall to number six, and in a top-heavy class, they should have no trouble finding a player they like. Obviously, the idea is to get as good as you can as quickly as you can. Well, the Rams are on track to do just that, I think that there's no way they regret this trade, even if Griffin becomes a superstar. The Redskins may not end up regretting it either, they could find their franchise QB and hit on a few late round picks and make it back to the playoffs in a couple of years, but I think the odds of the Rams coming out as winners are higher. Give St. Louis credit, they pulled off a pretty big coup. They were holding a very important pick and they knew it, to do anything but totally fleece the Skins would have been a disappointment and, in the grand scheme of things, unacceptable. They had all the leverage and they manipulated it brilliantly. I genuinely think we'll look back on this trade in a few years as something that really helped them out in the long run, but of course, a lot of that also rides on Sam Bradford's shoulder.