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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Titans, Nick Perry and Kevin Zeitler


So we have already looked at 100,000 mock drafts here, and the draft is still two months away. In all of that, I have decided that I am at peace with whatever pass rusher they decide to go with at #20, if they decide to go with a pass rusher. None of the defensive ends in this draft are perfect, and the ones that are the closest will no doubt be gone long before the Titans pick.

With that being said, I really like what Doug Kyed of did in his most recent mock draft for the Titans. He went with Nick Perry in the first round and Kevin Zeitler in the second. I want Zeitler more than any guard in this draft, and that includes David DeCastro. He just fits what the Titans need perfectly.

Click through the jump to see what Kyed had to say about both guys.

On Nick Perry:
The Titans need help all over the place, but generating a pass rush should be a top priority. Perry could be a steal at 20.

On Kevin Zeitler:

The Titans have a sieve of talent in the middle of their offensive line. Zeitler could play center or guard at the next level.