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2012 NFL Free Agency: Titans Wishlist #6 Marques Colston

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Another day, another receiver on my Titans free agency wishlist. Marques Colston is not the polarizing figure that previous receivers on the list were. There are zero character concerns with Colston.

His numbers are crazy. He has five 1,000 yard receiving seasons in his first six years in the league. Now obviously he benefits from being in the Saints offense with Drew Brees throwing him the football, but Gramsey's boy Robert Meachem isn't putting up those numbers.

The only concern here with Colston is that he is not the burner that the Titans are going to need to add to the offsense at some point, but he is a guy that is going to run good routes and catch the football. He also has to be a pretty smart guy to be so effective in that Saints offense. Those are not simple reads they are making down there.

Again, picture Colston lined up opposite Kenny Britt with Nate Washington in the slot. Mike Keith would have strained vocal cords before week 10.

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