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Last Night's MCM Radio with Wes Bunting

Last night we were joined by Wes Bunting of the National Football post to talk about the upcoming draft, and Wes was nothing short of excellent. That man is an encyclopedia of prospect knowledge. I am pretty sure he gave a height and weight for every prospect that he mentioned over the course of the 15 of so minutes he was on with us.

One of the more interesting things I took away from the conversation was that he does not like Whitney Mercilus very much. Bunting said he gave him a third round grade.

We are definitely going to try to catch up with Wes again a time or two during the draft season. The full episode is posted after the jump. You will feel 1,000 times smarter after you listen to it...that is if you skip my six minute monologue at the beginning. August left me hanging out to dry a little bit.

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