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Super Bowl XLVI Game Time, Channel and a Question

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So Super Bowl XLVI kicks off tonight at 5:29 central time on NBC. It is a good year when NBC has the Super Bowl because they do a great job with everything surrounding the game. I will not be watching much, if any, of the 14 hour pregame show, but I am more likely to watch it on NBC than any other network. Their pregame guys don't spend the whole show laughing. That is a bonus.

My question for you here is do you prefer to watch the Super Bowl at a party or more low key? For me, I enjoy going to some type of reasonable Super Bowl Party for a game like this one- when I don't really care who wins. I cannot go to big gatherings for Titans' games. I want to really watch those games, and it is impossible to really do that when there are more than about 4 people in the room.

When the Titans were in the Super Bowl, I ended up at a party with about 50 people. That was a terrible mistake, and by about 5 minutes into the game I ended up in a room with 4 or 5 people gathered around the smallest TV in the house so I could watch the game.

Anyway, let me know where you will be watching tonight's game.