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The Jim Irsay vs. Peyton Manning Train Wreck

This whole Peyton Manning vs. Jim Irsay thing is becoming really fascinating. It is mind-boggling that he thinks he is going to win a PR battle with Peyton Manning. As you well know, I hate Peyton Manning with all of my being, but even I can see the significance of what he means to the Colts and the city of Indianapolis. There is nothing Irsay can say that is going to change the affection that the people of that city have for Peyton.

I did find it funny that a report came out yesterday that Peyton has been cleared to play football even though he cannot actually throw a football. Obviously the point there was that the neck has fused, but it is hard to say how much closer he is to actually being able to play football because the nerves in his arm are still not regenerated.

I also find it hilarious that Irsay then felt the need to tweet that his doctors have not yet cleared Peyton to play. It would be in Jim Irsay's best interest to just to come to a decision on Peyton Manning and not say anything else until that is done. He can do nothing but hurt himself with anything he says until then.