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I Heart What Paul Kuharsky Would Do With The Titans This Offseason

Paul Kuharsky is doing a series of pieces on the AFC South teams' major questions, and how he'd handle them. Today he rolled out his plan for the Titans, and I have to say, I like they way he's thinking.

His basic plan is to let Jake Scott and Cortland Finnegan walk, move Jason Jones back to DT if he's willing to sign a reasonable contract. At DE we'd sign Robert Mathis to a 3-year deal that we could get out of in 2 years, and draft someone in the first two rounds to compete with Derrick Morgan. At the guard spot, we'd sign Evan Mathis to replace Scott, who is a solid blocker and older but cheaper than Ben Grubbs. At the safety spot we'd re-sign by Jordan Babineaux (which looks very likely already) and go after a free agent the caliber of Tyvon Branch, Dashon Goldson or Dwight Lowry.

That's a pretty reasonable way for the Titans to upgrade some key spots with veterans before we get to the draft. It's also a reasonably priced plan if the team isn't in love with the premier free agents like Mario Williams, Cliff Avril, Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston.

If this is a pretty good idea of what will happen, then it's going to be critical for the team to find some talent at DE, S, CB, WR and LB who can come in and make a serious impact in 2012. If they get a top-flight guy at any of those spots, then they can look to BPA at each level of the draft.

Either way, Ruston Webster and Mike Reinfeldt have their work cut out for them over the next two months.