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2012 NFL Draft and the Tennessee Titans Links 2/29

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Draft2_mediumDoug Farrar looks at ten players who won at the combine. Melvin Ingram is a guy on the list who we have seen mocked to the Titans, but now there is no way he will still be on the board. Stephen Hill is also on that list. SuperHorn is thrilled.

Draft2_mediumFarrar also looks at ten players who lost at the combine. Courtney Upshaw makes that list. I understand that his numbers were not where some people expected them to be, but that guy is a football player. Whatever team ends up drafting him will be very happy. Book it!

Draft2_mediumNE Patriots Draft has a scouting report up for TY Hilton. SuperHorn would probably call Hilton the poor man's Stephen Hill, but he has that elite speed that the Titans need to add to the offense. He would be a project, but I would love to see them take a chance on him in the middle rounds.

Draft2_mediumMel Kiper also has some love for Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill (In$ider):

He averaged more than 29 yards per catch in 2011, but a wacky total like that can happen in Georgia Tech's offense when you have an explosive deep threat. Well, we have a better sense of Hill's explosiveness now. A 4.36 while measuring 6-4, 215, could get him into the late first-round mix. The Niners could be a fit there.