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2012 NFL Free Agency: An Interesting Read on Mike Wallace

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Alen Dumonjic has an interesting read about Mike Wallace over at It seems that his conclusion on Wallace is that he brings that much needed deep threat to your offense, but that his game is pretty one-dimensional:

While Wallace isn’t an elite receiver by any stretch, he adds a dimension that only he can bring to an offense: speed. Wallace’s speed is the strength of his game and is an integral part of the Steelers offense.

SuperHorn had a very good post a few weeks ago about the Titans needing to add a deep threat to the offense to truly maximize Jake Locker's potential. Wallace is clearly a guy that would fit that bill.

The biggest thing teams are going to have to potential when targeting Wallace will be the length of the contract. Wallace is really valuable now, but he will only be valuable as long as he has that top-notch speed if he doesn't improve his route running.

You can expect whatever team targets Wallace to front-load the deal for two reasons:

1. That would make it harder for the Steelers to match the deal with their cap issues.
2. It will make it easier for said team to cut him at the end of the deal if he does start to lose the speed.

The Titans will not be in the mix for Wallace, but it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out.